The Royal Household

Who are we?

The Royal Household are the staff who work with the Royal Family both paid and volunteers who provide exceptional support and advice to the King (Ikumbania) of the Bugwere Royal Kingdom, enabling him to serve the realm and its people. It employs approximately 200 staff of whom approximately 25 are paid staff members 175 are volunteers. The staff works across a wide range of professions, including catering, security, housekeeping, accountancy, secretarial, media relations, human resources, art curatorship, strategic planning and research.

The Royal Household aims to provide employees with job satisfaction, opportunities for development, an excellent working environment and an enjoyable, and team focused work experience. In return, all employees are expected to attain and demonstrate the high standards expected of an organization which serves the King.

The Royal Household also seeks to employ the best people from the widest available pool of talent and create an environment where everybody’s contribution is valued and respected. An appreciation of the importance of social and environmental issues also runs through everything that we do. Just as The King and members of the Royal Family contribute to the community, employees of the Royal Household are also encouraged to act responsibly and pro-actively in this respect Find out more about the different departments in the Royal Household and about their work in the different residences around the realm.

List of office Bearers of the Royal Court Secretariat of the Royal household 

  1. The King Lords’ Secretary (Chief of Staff  and Principle Private Secretary)
  2. The Treasurer: Royal Court Controller ( The Chief Accounting Officer)
  3. Marshal of the Court:
  4. Deputy Marshal of the Court:
  5. The Protocol Officer:
  6. Chief of His Royal Highness The King’s Military Staff:
  7. Palace Superintendent:
  8. Communications and Public Relations Director:
  9. Kings Press Secretary:
  10. Secretary Royal Family Cultural outreach activities
  11. His Royal Highness The King’s Principal Aides-De-Camp (ADC)  Military
  12. His Royal Highness The King’s Principal Aides-De-Camp (ADC) Royalty Guard:
  13. Royal Family Head Chef:

Where are we?

The Royal Household staffs are based at one of the following locations: Budaka Palace, Kampala Place and Royal family estates

The Royal Household provides unique and varied career opportunities for those just starting out, for those more established in their careers who are seeking new challenges and also for those who wish to take a new direction. Bringing your career to the Royal Household is one of the most fulfilling and exciting decisions you can make. You’d be joining an organization that places enormous value on its staff, and where tradition goes hand in hand with modern working practices. Year on year our staff surveys tell us that employees enjoy working for the Royal Household and take pride in what they do. It is important to us that every employee understands where their role fits within the organization, and that they are able to make a valuable contribution to the overall aims of the Household. Fairly rewarding staff  and looking after their wellbeing is top of our people agenda. The Royal Household offers a generous range of benefits and facilities to staff, many of which are unique. It is also important to us that employees are given many and varied opportunities for training enabling them to reach their full potential. We also aim to create an environment that is friendly, caring and adaptable to change. And also one that is diverse and inclusive.

We know through our regular in-house surveys that achieving a satisfactory balance between building a successful career and enjoying life in and out of work is a high priority for our employees. For this reason there are a wide range of  sports and social clubs  and activities available to staff. As well as looking after our staff, we are also committed to enabling them to take part in  volunteering schemes and community activities . The Royal Court Secretariat is comprised of divisions with staffs organized under three main departments: i), the Royal Secretariat, 2) Royalty Protection Unit (RPU) 3) the Communication and Public Relations

Find out more about the five different departments in the Royal Household and about their work in the different residences around the realm

The Royal Court Secretariat (RCS)
Royalty Protection Unit (RPU)
Communication and Public Relations (CPR)
Royal Estates and Culture (REC)