Communication and Public Relations (CPR)

The Communication and Public Relations staff advises the Royal Family and the Royal Court on matters relating to information and communication. Service and cooperation with Bugwere and foreign media are given high priority. The Communication staff assists the members of the Royal Family in the planning and conduct of media programmes and interviews, and is responsible for official photographs of the King and Queen, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

Media programmes

The Communication staff cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Uganda foreign Missions (embassies) on organizing the media programs in connection with Kingdom official visits and important official visits abroad by the Royal Family. The media programs for important journeys and visits within Bugwere Kingdom are organized in cooperation with the Kings’ Press Secretary at the office of the Senior Advisor of Communication and Public Relations of Obwa Ikumbania.

Web communication

The Communication staff is also responsible for the website of the Royal Family, the channels on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, and the Royal Court intranet.

Cultural outreach activities

Guided tours for the public of the Royal Palace and the summer institutes of study are organized during the summer season and coronation Anniversary. Other activities include concerts and exhibitions, co-sponsoring of a variety of cultural events, and operation of the gift shops at the Royal Palace.  Approximately 40 tour guides are employed during the summer months. In addition to the public tours, the cultural activities staff arranges for the recipients of orders and medals at the Royal Palace to be shown around the state rooms in connection with the investiture ceremony and assists the Royal Court with tours for specially invited guests throughout the year. Works of art, cultural artifacts and photographs from the Royal Collections often comprise key elements of exhibitions curated by the cultural activities staff. This handled by the Head of Communication and Public Cultural Outreach activities

Department of Royal Estates and Culture

The Department of Royal Estates and Culture is responsible for the management, maintenance and development of the Royal estates, together with their interiors, art works and furnishings. The Department is also responsible for the park areas adjoined to the Royal estates as well as for cultivating flowers for, and assisting the Royal Household in composing, the floral decorations used at various Palace events.
The Department is in charge of assets of considerable value and works to ensure the sound management and operation of the estates. It is also responsible for cultural outreach activities to disseminate information about the Royal estates to the public.

The Department consists of three sections: the Section for Estate Management, the Section for the Royal Collections, and the Garden Section. The Department of Royal Estates and Culture is headed by Palace Superintendent.