Programs & Projects

Kingdom Reform Projects:
Mindset & Education Reformation Project. Income Boost Project. Environment and Health Improvement Project.

Kingdom Programs being Implemented Include;
1. Annual Ikumbania Royal Banquet and Cultural Festival (AIRBAC)
2. Ikumbania Scholarships and Grants Assistance Program (ISGAP)
3. Ikumbania Modernization Program for Agriculture and Cultural Transformation (IMPACT)
4. Bugwere Annual Royal Sports Tournaments (BAST)
5. Bugwere Kingdom Culture, Heritage Guide and Business Directory
6. Identification, research and documentation of heritage sites
7. Construction of Bugwere Culture Museum
8. Education and sensitization of leaders and communities
9. Annual Tours of Counties by His Royal Highness Ikumbania
10. Annual Kingdom Development Retreat for cultural and District Local governments leaders.
11. Organisation of beauty, Cultural Fasion and Music Contests
12. Bugwere Kingdom ICT, Science and Innovation Program
13. Bugwere Children’s Holistic Assistance and Development Program (BUCHAD)

Kingdom agencies being developed to support Bagwere in Socio-Economic Transformation include;

  • Bugwere Royal Senior Executives and Experts Organisation (BURSEEO)
  • Bagwere Professionals Platform (BPP)
  • Bugwere Royal Chamber of Commerce (BRCC)
  • Bugwere Royal Savings and Credit Union (BURSCU)
  • Bugwere Royal Cooperative Union (BROCU)
  • Bugwere Women’s Development Union (BWODU)
  • Bugwere Youth Development League (BUYODEL)
  • Bugwere Broad Casting Services (BBCS)
  • BRU – Bugwere Royal University
  • Bugwere Royal Bible College
  • Bugwere Royal Special Needs and Vulnerable Groups Agency