The Royal Court Secretariat (RCS)

The main responsibility of the Royal Court Secretariat is to organize and coordinate the public and private engagements of the King and Queen as well as of the Princes and Princesses, including the planning of their official programs. The Secretariat also takes care of the official programme and correspondence of all Princess and princes. The King and Queen and the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have a wide range of official duties and receive numerous invitations to events in the Kingdom and beyond or abroad. It is the Secretariat’s task to respond to these invitations and to facilitate the implementation of the official programs. The Secretariat provides input for speeches and various types of texts as well. In addition, the Secretariat is responsible for dealing with and answering the great many messages of goodwill and letters of request – such as requests to serve as patron of various organizations – which the Royal Family receives each year.

The King Lords’ Secretary/Principal Private Secretary
The King Lords’ Secretary who is the Private Principal Secretary is the highest official and chief of Staff at the Royal household and is accountable to the King. The King Lords’ Secretary and the heads of department form the Royal Court Secretariat which assists and advises the Royal Family on matters within their various spheres of competence.


The Protocol is responsible for invitations, guest lists, seating plans at official dinners, etc. and other protocol matters relating to events at the Palace. In addition, the Secretariat is responsible for official gifts, wreaths and flowers sent by the Royal Family.
The Library is organized under the Secretariat. In addition to managing the book collections of the Royal Court, the Library helps to compile information and background material in connection with the planning of the Royal Family’s official programs.

The Ikumbania Royal Awards of the Order of Merit and Funds

The Ikumbania Royal Awards and Funds are also organized under the Secretariat. The Royal Awards and Funds administer matters relating to the various orders and the bestowal of medals.

The Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for financial management and implementation of financial administrative processes at the Royal Court. The Office has the overall responsibility for budget matters, accounting, payroll and financial reporting for the Royal Court, and advises the Royal Family and the Royal Court on matters within its sphere of competence.
The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that financial administrative processes are implemented efficiently, and assists the Royal Court in matters relating to larger-scale procurement. The Office is led by the Treasurer and the staff provides accounts and payroll, procurement, and controller services.

The Marshal of the Court

The Marshal of the Court’s Office deals with personnel matters - human resource management for the Royal Court. The Security Office, the Information Technology Department, and the Archives are organized as sections under the Office.
The Marshal of the Court’s Office is responsible for the general operation of the organization, and advises the Royal Family and the Royal Court on matters within its sphere of competence.
The Office has the following areas of responsibility:

  • Legal issues
  • Personnel matters – human resource management
  • Coordination of health, safety and environment (HSE) efforts
  • Archives
  • Information technology
  • Security service (excluding areas for which the police are responsible)
  • The Office is headed by Marshal of the Court, and a Deputy Marshal of the Court, who is also the Court's specialist on legal affairs.