About Us

bugwere kingdom

Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere (Bugwere Royal Kingdom) is “traditional and cultural institution of the Bagwere through which the Bagwere come together and derive their identity, cultural heritage, norms, values, hence promote “inclusive and shared prosperity and build a type of people that are capable of achieving self prosperity, contributing to national and International growth agendas”.

According to its Constitution, which was adopted in May 2013 and amended in December 2015, Obwa Ikumbania bwa Bugwere translated as Bugwere Royal Kingdom is constitutional monarchy where the King (Ikumbania) is the crown.  The Monarchy also has democratically elected Kingdom parliament (Isimoola) whose term of office is five years. The Kingdom was established in accordance with the Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act 2011 of the Republic of Uganda.

The explanation for this in the Kingdom Constitution is that; His Royal Highness Ikumbania is the Cultural Leader “King” and Fountain of Honor who forms the Royal Family. The Obwa Ikumbania Cabinet" headed by Prime Minister is (the administration) which forms the Kingdom Government. “The Isimoola “Kingdom Parliament’’ is the legislature and combines the Cultural Council (Clan Heads and Religious leaders) and Assembly of Commons composed of directly elected cultural Members of Isimoola (CMIs).

Our Core Values are;
Love, Peace, Unity, Prosperity and Cultural Diversity powered by Integrity, Service above self and Servant Leadership.