A kingdom United on Purpose

Bugwere Royal Kingdom, also known as Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere headed by a man of God, a Bishop, His Royal Highness Bishop John Chrysostom Wayabire, is one of the youngest monarchy in Uganda.
It came into existence in 2013 when more than 100 clans among Uganda’s indigenous communities of lugwere speaking language people came together and elected Bishop John Chrysostom Wayabire as their cultural and traditional leader. The Bagwere further asked the Government of Uganda to recognize their monarchy. In 2014, the Government granted the request and officially gazetted the realm as one of Uganda’s cultural institutions (constitutional monarchy) that brings together Lugwere speaking people into a royal kingdom known as Obwa Ikumbania Bwa Bugwere.

The purpose for which the realm was created is to bring together over 100 clans into organized behavior of cultural heritage, improve people’s health and wellness, increase economic opportunity for Bagwere people to thrive and; ensure sustainable food security within the realm, help communities address the effects of climate change and maintain high standards of household hygiene and sanitation.

President Museveni and His Royal Highness Bishop John Chrysostom Wayabire